CU NIL director sends strong message on EA Sports College Football 25 cover star Travis Hunter

The two-way star is front and center on one of the most beloved sports video games.
Travis Hunter is making waves as the EA Sports College Football 25 cover star
Travis Hunter is making waves as the EA Sports College Football 25 cover star / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

EA Sports College Football will release on July 19th — fans, gamers and football lovers are raving all about it and Colorado's two-way star Travis Hunter is front and center of the cover. His ability to play both ends will surely be a unique player to control while playing the beloved video game.

Fortunately for Hunter, Colorado's NIL director has big plans to launch a party once the above date hits. One key CU NIL administrator made some comments surrounding the celebration.

“We are thrilled to commemorate the launch of College Football 25′ and provide our student-athletes with a platform to showcase their gaming talents,” said Natalie Sharp, 5430 Alliance executive director, in a statement (h/t On3). “Highlighting one of our own student-athletes on the game’s cover is incredibly special, and this release is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the evolving landscape of NIL opportunities. Fans can look forward to competing against familiar faces from the game, bridging the gap between virtual gaming and real-world athletics in a uniquely enjoyable experience.”

The benefits that Hunter receives and the entire Colorado football program are beyond imaginable, and it's a great look for the school — specifically, its brand.

Hunter shares the spotlight with Michigan's Donovan Edwards as well as Texas' Quinn Ewers, all of whom are deserving of the opportunity.

What will Colorado star Travis Hunter's rating be inside EA Sports College Football?

There's been speculation but Ewers believes Hunter would be the closest to a 99 overall — high praise. The chances that anyone in a college video game receives that rating is slim to none but more likely — none.

"I'm not sure if they're going to put anyone at 99 (overall), but if they do, I think he'll be the closest to it," Ewers said (h/t Athlon Sports). 

Yes, it would be cool to have a player listed that high as many gamers would probably elect to choose the Colorado Buffaloes as their team — maybe fight over it, too.

Regardless, Hunter has etched his name in video game history as that cover will live on forever.

He's primed for a huge season this fall — Skip Bayless believes it, as do countless other analysts.

Hopefully, Hunter can catch wins on the field and off it — gaming with his teammates, friends, and family.