Cut 2022 Colorado football player recalls dismissive attitude Coach Prime showed

One cut 2022 Colorado football player recalled the dismissive attitude Coach Prime had when he showed the linebacker the door.

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Eoghan Kerry, one of the 51 Colorado football players Deion Sanders dismissed following his 2022 head coach hiring, went on Jason Whitlock's Fearless podcast and described the scene when Coach Prime cut the linebacker -- and let's just say, it was colder than Alaskan ice water.

"I went to shake Deion's hand [after being cut from the team] and said 'thank you Coach, and he said, 'yeah buddy you got it,' and pointed at the door," Kerry said (h/t Mike Farrell Sports). "He wouldn't even look me in the eye.

"These times I was alone in the elevator going up from the locker room with him, just two men. The first three times I just wanted to make myself known and let him know 'hey coach, I respect you, I want to be here...I was just talking to him man-to-man and he wouldn't acknowledge me."

Coach Prime accused cut 2022 Colorado football players of having 'dead eyes'

Kerry's story is looks much worse after Coach Prime's accused the 2022 Buffs he cut of having dead eyes.

“It was tremendously tough, because you had some young men that just didn’t want to play the game,” Coach Prime said (h/t USA Today). “They didn’t love football. It’s hard for me to be effective if you don’t love it, if you don’t like it, if you don’t want to live it. That’s tough. That’s tremendously tough, when you’re looking at a body of just dead eyes, that’s tough on any coach, not just me. I’m pretty sure a multitude of coaches have experienced that until they can clean house and get the roster that they want. It was tremendously challenging day by day. I’m happy with what I’m seeing every morning now. I really am.”

The specific language Sanders used turned out to be inappropriate if Kerry's story is to be believed. And quite frankly, there's no reason not to based on the energy Coach Prime had towards most of CU's 1-11 roster in 2022.