Cut Colorado football players from 2022 roster continue giving anti-Deion Sanders testimonials

Colorado Spring Football Game
Colorado Spring Football Game / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Players cut from the 2022 Colorado football team when "Prime Time" arrived in Boulder continue to give testimonials to the media that paint Deion Sanders as callous, uncaring, and dismissive -- the latest batch coming by way of a report from The Athletic's Max Olson.

Former CU safety Xavier Smith accused Coach Prime of destroying his and others' confidence in themselves.

"He was destroying guys' confidence and belief in themselves," Smith said (h/t Bleacher Report). "The way he did it, it could've been done with a little more compassion."

Ex-Buffs WR Chase Sowell described a scenario where Deion's favorites, including his two sons, Travis Hunter, the players who followed him from Jackson State, and the other recruits the then-new head coach brought on were prioritized over the players who he planned on pushing out.

"We felt like it was us vs. them instead of all of us together," Sowell said. "That's the best way I can put it. The new guys were going against the players that had already been there. It wasn't a good environment to be in. It wasn't a team environment."

2022 Colorado football players' testimonials still being released border on Deion Sanders slander

There was a time when these 2022 Buffs testimonials held weight. Hearing the brutal reality of being cut by a showman like Sanders right after it happened stung hearing and garnered sympathy for the players involved. Especially given how scathing Sanders' criticisms were.

But at this point? Right after the Black and Gold spring game -- one that was well-attended given the inclement weather in Denver and Boulder that day that included an early morning blizzard that this writer got stuck in --, however?

Now it's just coming off like Sanders slander, which many media talking heads have made quite a few bucks off of since December 2022.