Deion Sanders breaks silence on Colorado football GA hire Warren Sapp

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Deion Sanders finally broke his silence on his Colorado football program's hiring of Warren Sapp as a GA/senior quality control analyst during an interview with USA Today's Tony Anderson -- expressing excitement about it while keeping most details close to the vest.

"First of all, to even have my boy in the house, doing what he's capable of doing and giving these young men motivational messages," Coach Prime prefaced before saying, "Not only that, but just giving them direction, correction, and protection is phenomenal. That's a gold jacket in the house that they could glean from and I absolutely love it. I mean, I could just imagine, you know, I had a great run in college and love what transpired. But to have those young men like Sapp and others in house, I think we have over 127 years of NFL experience in house.

"With the combined coaching staff and that's un-darn-fathomable. It really is. So these young men, they got the blueprint, man, sitting right in front of (them)."

Deion Sanders either building new-aged CFB program or glitzy flash in the pan with Colorado football

If Sanders' NFL-centric Buffs turn out to be a successful program in their transition to the Big 12, Colorado will prove to be a new-aged team that's doing things differently, and correctly, in the era of NIL and mass transfer portal movement.

If, however, the results are more of the same during the 2024 season -- with more losses than wins and more excuses than celebrations -- than what he's building may not be lasting too long in Boulder after all.

Sanders is rolling the dice with inexperienced, big-name hires like Sapp, but the upside is obvious. Unfortunately, the downside is just as obvious and may be what more are expecting given the lack of long-term building through Coach Prime's 40-40-20 recruiting breakdown that puts the last amount of emphasis on high school recruiting and the most on transfer portal additions.

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