Deion Sanders commends the campus police for disciplining his Colorado football players

The campus police took action against the Colorado football team and Coach Prime loves it.
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Coach Prime will always be the number one option in disciplining the football players, including his sons. There should be no special treatment, especially for his son, Shedeur, who is projected to be in the NFL in 2025. He's positioned for a big year and can not let anything get in the way of his progress — Deion Sanders will make sure of it.

Sanders received assistance in guiding his son from Colorado's campus police and in return he offered the squad custom cowboy hats.

"Sanders commended the police for their diligence in keeping his players accountable and went a step further by offering custom Coach Prime cowboy hats to the entire squad," Marca relayed.

This proves how much Sanders is grateful to have such a supporting cast beyond the assistant coaches and medical staff.

What did the campus police help Deion Sanders with to receive the cowboy hats?

Not only has Shedeur been disciplined but Coach Prime himself has been, too. This squad is on the money with their job — there's nothing to do but commend them.

"Historically, the relationship between the CU campus police and the Buffaloes football team has been strained, often due to parking-related issues," Marca prefaced before saying, "Notable incidents included the booting of Shedeur Sanders' $400,000 Rolls-Royce and even Coach Prime himself receiving a parking ticket, proving that no one is above the law."

This is so true, "no one is above the law."

Athletes, coaches and celebrities are to abide by the same rules as everyone else because if that was not the case then there would be no point in having those conditions down to begin with.

Parking-related issues are common everywhere and it happens to us all, unfortunately. Hopefully, the campus police will not have to issue another ticket to Sanders or his son.