Deion Sanders gets heavy while speaking about loss with his Colorado football players

Deion Sanders got real with his Colorado football locker room
Deion Sanders got real with his Colorado football locker room / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Deion Sanders is a man who has experienced major losses in the last few years. While he gained Power 5/4 employment with the Colorado football program and has seen his stock soar in terms of interest, including his two sons from the NFL, he has lost his significant other and several toes over the last two years too.

While speaking to several Buffs, Sanders once again showed his amputated foot. He sent a heartstring-tugging message on how to navigate life knowing there are parts of your life that are now in the past.

"You know, that makes me know that, that we carry around things in life that are no longer with us, but it's with us," Sanders said (h/t Marca). "Sometimes it hurts where the toes are supposed to be and that's unbelievable."

Michael Strahan certainly didn't appreciate Sanders showing off his foot on Good Morning America, but his players understand the authority their coach has on the subject of loss. Given the universal understanding of such a concise and poignant message, the visual aid was actually a positive.

Deion Sanders showing a more human side to him in second Colorado football offseason

Sanders usually exudes the kind of bravado that had nicknames like "Neon Deion" and "Prime Time" stick, but there are times where he shows a great deal of vulnerability. In addition to his talk with his kids, Coach Prime told one of his assistants how he should handle a woman he was seeing who "ghosted" him.

"She's going to come back," Sanders said. "Don't do her wrong, and she's going to come back."

Sanders has been miscast as a cold and callous character who is set in his ways and uncaring of anyone who isn't his sons or his all-time top recruit, Travis Hunter, who he calls one of his sons. Evidently, he understands pain and is comfortable sharing words of wisdom.

Last offseason, it was all hype. But after losing so much on the field and off of it, and admitting after the Wazzu game that last Fall was the toughest time period of his life, Sanders has been providing a more human side to him in recent months.