Deion Sanders offers olive branch to alma mater during Colorado football team meeting

Colorado Spring Football Game
Colorado Spring Football Game / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Deion Sanders shockingly offered an olive branch to his alma mater -- not where he got his degree (Talladega College) but instead where he first became a nationally-known superstar in football, FSU -- during a Colorado football team meeting.

"Drafted players, Playoff teams right? … Florida State, should’ve been in the Playoff, but they wasn’t, undefeated season, 10 players drafted," Sanders said (h/t NoleGameday). "Winners want winners. That don’t mean that these are the best players. But when you have a program that wins, they tend to attract things. Alright, so if you want to go and be one of these winners, all you got to do is win. Sound simple? But that’s what they do."

Sanders and FSU have had tension over the years, but evidently, he can be objective when it comes to the Noles getting what was rightfully theirs during a 2023 College Football Playoff that excluded them in favor of Texas, who lost to Oklahoma in the Red River Showdown, and Alabama, who lost to Texas in Tuscaloosa.

Colorado football HC Deion Sanders was right: FSU should've got into College Football Playoff

It's very hard to even refer to ACC as a Power 4 school since their conference championship and an undefeated record in conference play (and otherwise) doesn't even get a team into the College Football Playoff after the FSU snub.

That shouldn't have been the case. Sanders was right that FSU should've made it, and it should've come at Texas's expense. Losing to Oklahoma is a far worse loss than Alabama losing to them, and ending Georgia's several-year undefeated streak was more than enough to justify the Tide making it.

FSU not making the CFP was likely the nail in the coffin of the Noles being in the ACC, and the domino effect of their departure, which led to legal action from Clemson against the conference as well, will reshape the sport for years to come.