Deion Sanders' son snaps at Colorado football critic for calling Sanders family thin-skinned: 'B****-made'

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Deion Sanders Jr. stuck up for the entire Sanders family in a less-than-classy way, calling frequent Colorado football critic Mike Farrell (of the Mike Farrell Sports brand) "b*tch-made" for calling Coach Prime and Co. "thin-skinned."

"You so bitch made dawg it don’t even makes sense… You wrote multiple articles talking down on the family, but when we finally respond we’re 'thin skinned,'" Sanders Jr. tweeted.

Farrell was responding to a tweet that included a graphic of Deion Sanders calling out an unnamed user in a now-infamous tweet asking where his son was going in a condescending way while acknowledging that Shedeur Sanders was a top-five pick.

Deion Sanders and his family need to put their phones down before calling out anymore Colorado football players or random Twitter users

Things are going a little too far right now in Colorado when it comes to the Sanders family responding to any and all doubters. Shedeur didn't need to ruthlessly drag Xavier Smith, the player who accused Coach Prime of deliberately trying to destroy the confidence of the 2022 players cut from the team, and Deion Sanders Jr. definitely didn't need to call out Farrell in a manner unbecoming of a professional.

Even Deion Sr. doesn't need to be taking shots at random X users and their families. It doesn't make them seem righteous and almost gives credence to those doubting them.

The Buffs have been having a major week recruiting-wise on the heels of a successful Black and Gold spring game and Prime Weekend concert featuring Lil Wayne at the CU Events Center; landing former Auburn CB Colton Hood, his brother, Class of 2024 RB Brandon Hood, and Clemson OL Zack Owens.

That should be the story in Boulder, not the entire Sanders family attacking former Buffs, sportswriters, and unnamed fans on Twitter.