Deion Sanders strikes cocky tone explaining why everything Colorado football does is filmed

Colorado State v Colorado
Colorado State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Deion Sanders struck a cocky tone during an appearance on Nelk while explaining why everything his Colorado football program is filmed by his son, Deion Sanders Jr., on their Well Off Media YouTube Channel.

You see, it's not "for clicks," but rather because it's something Sanders has done his entire life.

"Like this is what I really do like since high school," Sanders said (h/t BroBible). "You can date it back to YouTube or whatever. So this is who we are and it’s not playing for something or playing for clicks […] Why would I need exposure? Last time I checked, I’ve been Him since the 80s."

Sanders has indeed been him, and insinuating that his Buffs need to play for clicks, and not glory, is a silly narrative.

But filming his team and uploading it to social media channels is inherently done for clicks. And there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, one can say it's to share his story, but again, sharing can only be done if folks are clicking on their videos.

Cormani McClain accused Colorado football of playing for clicks

Cormani McClain borrowed the "playing for clicks" refrain from Oregon head coach Dan Lanning in his parting shot from the University of Colorado in April. He made no friends doing it, and now has CU fans cheering against him for the rest of his college career; which looks like it'll have a stop in Gainesville, Florida next with the Gators.

McClain has a right to question Sanders' intentions considering Coach Prime made a public spectacle of a reporter's question trying to figure out why the 5-star cornerback wasn't seeing the field through the first month of the 2023 season.

That doesn't make him right, though. Sanders was clearly at his breaking point when he was asked about McClain, which was right after Oregon routed CU 42-6.