Deion Sanders once told his son to hit transfer portal during pre-Colorado football Jackson State stint

Colorado v Arizona State
Colorado v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Before Deion Sanders brought his whole family to Boulder so he can lead the Colorado football program following years of instability, the former NFL and MLB superstar adopted the "Coach Prime" moniker as Jackson State's head coach.

And while in Mississippi, Sanders once told his son Shilo (in jest) to hit the transfer portal after hearing a less-than-flattering imitation.

“I need you out of my life," Coach Prime said to Shilo (h/t Sportskeeda). "I need you to get off my team. I need you to transfer and get into the portal immediately.”

To this day, Coach Prime is still ribbing Shilo, though in a viral video that's circulating of February practice -- where CU's No. 21 was goofing off during drills -- it's clear Deion is legitimately angry at his son.

Shilo Sanders a troll to not only father Deion, but his brother, Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders

Shilo likes to have fun when it comes to his family, not only razzing his father, Coach Prime, but his brother Shedeur as well. In another viral video that has circulated recently, Shilo called out his brother for being obsessed with material goods and money.

“He left the room to get this bag just to flex on his own family," Shilo said of Shedeur (h/t Sportskeeda). "Who does that? But you don’t need this whole bag for a watch, bro. He just wants you to look at the bag extra long. Trust this guy, he just wants everybody to look at the bag right now. He’s just trying to get camera time”

When it comes to his opponents on the football field, though, Shilo's demeanor is drastically different. He infamously threatened Oregon players and Ducks head coach Dan Lanning before an eventual 42-6 rout in Eugene.

It wasn't his best look, but it's clear that Shilo is just a fun-loving man deep down who may need to keep his intensity in check this coming season so his 2025 NFL draft stock doesn't suffer from on-field incidents.