Deion Sanders wouldn't have autonomy over Gators if he left Colorado football for Florida

Florida State v Florida
Florida State v Florida / James Gilbert/GettyImages

If Deion Sanders left the Colorado football program for the Florida Gators, he wouldn't have full autonomy at UF as he does at CU according to BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle; who heard from a credible source that Coach Prime's mentor Willie Taggert floated the idea to ditch Boulder for Gainesville but confirmed that the rumor doesn't have legs.

"...the University of Florida would never allow Coach Prime to run the program the way he wants," Tolle prefaced before saying, "Scott Stricklin and the UF Board of Trustees would be calling some shots with Sanders there as coach and wouldn't allow him to be the CEO. It all sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. You can't tell a living legend how to run his program and many schools don't want to hand off full autonomy. Sanders has built a relationship with Rick George that gives him authority over the program without strict oversight. No where in the rest of the nation will this happen."

Sanders, according to Tolle, would be more likely to step away from coaching than leave Colorado for Florida in 2025 when his sons, Shedeur and Shilo, head to the NFL.

Even that, though, would be a drastic pivot for Coach Prime.

Deion Sanders wants to stay with Colorado football for next 10 years

Sanders has stated his desire to stay with Colorado for another 10 years before calling it quits in the coaching realm. That makes sense considering that even though his youngest sons are NFL-bound, his oldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., is essentially his media consultant in Boulder -- running the marketing on behalf of Well Off Media, the family's YouTube channel.

Sanders won't have it as good anywhere else in the Power 5. CU was a mess before he got there and he's brought the Buffs to heights previously unforeseen. It's not a stretch to say that Colorado is the talk of college football even after having no full winning seasons -- not counting the six-game 2020 pandemic-stricken season -- since 2016.

He knows this and is more than likely tying his career to Boulder for as long as his heart is in coaching.