Departed Colorado football offensive coordinator's play-calling ripped by analyst

Coach Prime's former Colorado football play-caller's offense was ripped by one analyst.

Colorado State v Colorado
Colorado State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Former Colorado football offensive coordinator Sean Lewis's offense was deemed predictable by Ralphie Report's Ryland Scholes -- who called out the three plays Lewis would lean on in a way opposing defensive coordinators started to after the first month.

"Lewis’ offense was also EXTREMELY predictable," Scholes prefaced before saying, "The Buffs were basically throwing one of three options every play: a short flat to Dylan Edwards, a 15 yard slant to Jimmy Horn Jr., or a 30-40 yards moon ball down the sideline to Xavier Weaver or Travis Hunter. There was very little variation to Lewis’ routes, which opponents exploited. This system worked well for the first 2-3 weeks of the season but after other teams got tape on Colorado, they could just prep all week on stopping the very few routes the Buffs’ ran."

Lewis's strength were clearly as a recruiter, with several players de-committing from CU after his departure and some following him to San Diego State; where he was hired this offseason to be the Aztecs' head coach.

Colorado football de-commit likely following Sean Lewis to San Diego State has high praise for ex-Buffs OC

Colorado quarterback de-commit Danny O'Neil is one of the recruits likely to follow Lewis to San Diego State, and as the Cathedral (Indianapolis) star tells it, it's the new Aztecs coach's ability to be a leader of men that will likely entice him to south California.

“(Lewis) can teach me a lot in football, obviously,” O’Neil explained (h/t East Village Times). “But I think he’s also going to help coach me through life. He carries himself in a tremendous way. Being through all the stuff that he has gone through recently and the way he carried himself through everything. He’s just a family guy, and there’s a lot to learn from him, and being around him is great so far. And the opportunity to be around him more, for the next three, four, five years, is definitely something that that I would like to do.”

If Lewis can find a more versatile play-caller in San Diego -- there's not been an official announcement made yet on Ryan Lindley's future at SDSU --, the Aztecs will have the on-field acumen to match the intangibles their new coach brings.