Ex-Colorado football player roasts Shilo Sanders, makes gaudy prediction on Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Former Colorado football player Matt McChesney roasted Shilo Sanders -- while giving Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter the highest of compliments -- during the March 25 edition of The Coach JB Show with Big Smitty podcast.

“You can’t see through what’s actually happening," McChesney said (h/t Essentially Sports). "So when I say this, he should dictate where his kids go. Shilo won’t have a choice, he’ll be a fourth or a fifth rounder probably, but Shedeur and Travis will absolutely have a choice, and to be completely honest with you, both of them will be in New York for the Heisman if they stay healthy. CU is gonna win a lot of games. Shedeur might be the first quarterback off the board. And Travis Hunter might be the first pick overall. Dog, you’re getting a two-way elite talent like I’ve never seen before.“

Shilo has been grouped in with Shedeur and Hunter by Coach Prime, who claimed that they'd all "be an Eli" and hold out on going to certain NFL franchises due to the cities they're in during the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

"All this is subjective because I know where I kind of want them to go," Sanders said (h/t Bleacher Report). "And let's not forget Shilo (Sanders). But I know where I want them to go. There's certain cities where it ain't going to happen. ...It's going to be an Eli [Manning]."

Shilo Sanders could end up being package deal with Shedeur Sanders if Colorado football HC Deion Sanders has his way

Shilo is not going to warrant day one NFL draft consideration, as McChesney correctly points out, so Coach Prime could use his influence to get the two brothers on the same team; spinning it as though the two had to be a package deal.

With the ability to see both of his sons play on Sundays, Coach Prime could even sell his weekly NFL visits to recruits. Why not join a coach who has bragged about his NFL connections from his playing days and could form more connections as he's watching his sons play?

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