Former Colorado football OL rips Deion Sanders stans: 'Prime sexuals are weird'

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Former Colorado football OL Matt McChesney went off on Deion Sanders stans, "Prime sexuals," if you will, during the June 5 edition of the Coach JB Show with Big Smitty podcast, saying they're "worse than Swifties" and are weird.

“So there’s a difference here between Colorado supporters and the Prime s*xuals," McChesney said (h/t Essentially Sports). "The Prime s*xuals are weird. I’ve literally never in my life seen anybody that has this kind of effect on grown men. This is like, some Taylor Swift shit. The Prime s*xuals are like swifties, dawg. You say anything about Coach Prime and they’re on you.”

Coach Prime has a following from his days with the Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys, and has picked up new fans along the way with his stint in the HBCU, raising Jackson State during his three seasons in Mississippi. Comparing his supporters to Swift may not be in good faith since they are by and large mostly quiet and drowned out by the hate, though.

Colorado football alum Phillip Lindsay believes Deion Sanders deserves more criticism

Even CU's alumni aren't all sold on Sanders, with Phillip Lindsay claiming that Sanders deserves more of the blame when things go wrong.

“This may be (Sanders’) last opportunity with this much attention,” Lindsay said (h/t Buffaloes Wire). “If he strikes gold on this opportunity this year with the players that he has in here, his son (Shedeur Sanders) being a first round draft pick, Travis Hunter being a first round draft pick, it can be very special. But it’s not going to come down to those players; it’s going to come down to the coaching. The coaching.”

Sanders has few allies in the media, with 247Sports' Adam Munsterteiger and BuffZone's Brian Howell some of the only local beat writers that take Coach Prime's side even sometimes. Many are on to what goes on in his locker room.

Prime sexuals aren't what anyone needs to concern themselves about in all of this.