Host who took shot at Colorado football star for fashion show deemed misinformed

Louis Vuitton : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025
Louis Vuitton : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 / Francois Durand/GettyImages

Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders was ripped by "Kill U With Truth" podcast host Nate Jackson for being "soft" because he attended a Louis Vuitton fashion show with his brother Shilo -- and BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle deemed Jackson "misinformed" for his take.

"(Shedeur and Shilo Sanders) were two of over fifty to walk the runway in Paris, with a majority of people rooting for them," Tolle prefaced before saying, "However, not everyone was pleased with CU being represented on the world stage, including a few Denver hosts who decided to speak out about it. While many were misinformed about the "team meeting" narrative, one of those who was compelled to take shots at Sanders was Nate Jackson."

Jackson not only ripped Shedeur for actually modeling in and of itself, but what it meant for Buffs team chemistry.

"I think it's hilariously soft and weak AF," Jackson said about Sanders being in Paris. "For anyone who thinks it's a good recruiting tool, like football players are going to see that and be like, "I want to go there because I want to have an opportunity to model Louis Vuitton on the runway in Paris." You're going to have a team full of Zoolanders who can't turn left. A bunch of ambi-turners. Everything is going to have to go right. So, that's going to really shrink Pat Shurmur's playbook. 

"But I'll tell you what, man... I think it's horrible for the team. Whatever the over and under is on the wins for this season, go under. These guys are going to suck. Shedeur Sanders has his mind on the wrong things. Shilo Sanders is a defensive player (and) it's a little different, I think. But when your quarterback is being celebrated in that way, and is "drinking the Kool-Aid," and he's driving the Rolls-Royce... And it's all about him and his money... really. That's going to be really, really bad, in my opinion."

Colorado football cannot have double standards

As I've said before, Coach Prime needs to dish out an ultimately meaningless, mostly symbolic, but tangible punishment for his sons after they missed the first Colorado football team meeting on the 2024 calendar.

He and his ex-wife Pilar publicly supported their sons' endeavor, which was a good parent gesture and the right thing to do from a support standpoint. But if it's not followed up with a message to the rest of the players that Coach Prime's sons are immune from criticism, CU will inevitably suffer this season; perhaps in the form of an offensive line that isn't as motivated to protect Shedeur as they should be or players who, in general, aren't as motivated to play under Deion Sanders like they thought they'd be.