Keyshawn Johnson has Colorado football beating OK State, K-State, losing to Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, winning Big 12

Keyshawn Johnson believes Colorado football can win the Big 12 in 2024
Keyshawn Johnson believes Colorado football can win the Big 12 in 2024 / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Keyshawn Johnson has Deion Sanders' Colorado football program going 9-3 -- with upset wins over OK State and K-State and losses to Nebraska, Utah, and Kansas --, winning the Big 12, and punching a ticket to the 12-team College Football Playoff in 2024.

Johnson shared the unrealistic expectations of CU during FS1's Undisputed.

"Deion has a plan," Johnson prefaced before saying, "He likes to finish the deal. When you start something, you finish it."

Johnson was just looking at the names on the schedule and not deep-diving into specific matchups while coming up with his prediction. In truth, given all the variables for every team in a given season, that's not a bad way to analyze this far out.

But either way, winning nine games and a conference championship after exponentially overhauling the roster for a second straight offseason feels to optimistic.

Especially when Deion Sanders himself doesn't have nearly the same goals and expectations for the season.

Deion Sanders promised six wins at Colorado football Black and Gold spring game

Coach Prime set the bar for the 2024 season at six wins and a bowl game, addressing superfan Peggy Coppom in the process. He didn't promise anything grand; just a two-win improvement over a 2023 season that was itself a three-win improvement over 2022.

By making such a bold claim, Johnson is putting a target on CU. That wouldn't be the first time he did so, though. Johnson claimed multiple coaches conspired to help Oregon beat Colorado in Week 4 last September.

That wasn't the case, and more than likely, the Buffs winning the Big 12 in their first year back in the conference won't be either.

But that won't stop the hot takes from flying anyway. CU has made enough changes for pundits to go over the top with expectations given all the unknowns.