Marquee Colorado football star's defense of Joe Milton III fair, but so was criticism

Reese's Senior Bowl
Reese's Senior Bowl / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Shedeur Sanders' defense of Tennessee QB Joe Milton III from Pro Football Focus' X account posting one of his two Senior Bowl interceptions was warranted according to Awful Announcing's Reice Shipley -- who conceded that the Colorado football star's points doesn't automatically mean the clip being posted in the first place was unfair.

"Could Pro Football Focus have used a different caption that didn’t put Milton on blast as much? Yes, absolutely," Shipley prefaced before saying, "But at the same time, it is certainly fair to post a low-light of any player during a game largely used to identify talent in the NFL Draft class.

"It obviously remains to be seen whether this video of Milton contributes at all to potentially lowering his draft stock come April. But as far a Sanders is concerned, Pro Football Focus isn’t doing Milton any favors."

What Joe Milton III defense says about Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders

Shedeur knows a thing or two about unfair treatment from the media, having seen his father, brother, and himself thrown under the bus from many outlets that like to take frustrations they have with Deion Sanders out on the rest of the family as well. His defense of Milton shows a true teammate mentality, sticking up for a peer against a largely oppositional media conglomerate, but also shows that his guard is up.

Who knows? It could be Shedeur in Milton's shoes next year for the Senior Bowl as he enters his final season of eligibility at Colorado this coming fall. Some may think No. 2 is too big of a star to risk hurting his draft stock at the annual early February classic, but until that decision is made, that option is still on the table.

If he does end up at the Senior Bowl, all eyes will be on Shedeur. And more than likely, his mistakes would be amplified even more than Milton's were.

The downside of the "Prime Effect" if you will.