NFL draft prospect sends strong message on decision to transfer to Colorado football

CU football's senior wide receiver Xavier Weaver shrugs to the crowd after scoring a game-winning
CU football's senior wide receiver Xavier Weaver shrugs to the crowd after scoring a game-winning / Cris Tiller / USA TODAY NETWORK

Xavier Weaver told reporters at the 2024 NFL Draft Combine that had he stayed at USF and not made the leap of faith to join Coach Prime's Colorado football program ahead of the 2023 season, there's a high likelihood he wouldn't have been on that stage talking to them at all.

"It was amazing," Weaver said of his transition to Colorado from USF (h/t BuffsBeat). "I came in there right away and got straight to it with the quarterbacks. So, it was blessing and everything I could ask for. I got to be on the big stage. Without CU, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.

"It definitely paid off a lot. I feel like if I didn’t go there, I probably wouldn’t be on the stage right now, where I’m at. I showed a lot of what I can do on the big stage. I feel like it definitely was a big move for me."

Xavier Weaver: Transferring from USF to Colorado football 'helped me realize that I am who I say I am'

Weaver had previously told The Coloradoan that his transfer helped him realize that he is who he says he is.

"Coming from USF and stuff like that, a lot of people probably said the competition level wasn't there or we weren't really playing anybody," Weaver said. "I'd say, in the most humble way possible, coming to another school helped me realize that I am who I say I am.

"Looking back at the season, I'd just say it's been a blessing. The opportunities that's been put in front of me, I feel like I've taken advantage of them to the fullest. Coming to Colorado put me in that light and taught me a lot. It taught me about perseverance, teamwork and stuff like that. We were a brand new team, a whole bunch of new guys coming together, it's not as easy as a lot of people think it is."

Weaver's next transition will be the biggest one yet. In the NFL, he won't be the fastest player anymore like he was in Boulder. Luckily, his big-play abilities should translate to the next level if he ends up in an offense with a capable quarterback.

With that said, this transition wouldn't exist without the USF-to-Colorado one. Weaver was extremely grateful to Coach Prime during his presser for sending him to the league.

He figures to be the first of many skill position talents to find themselves in Boulder under Deion Sanders' watch.