If OK State, K-State, Texas Tech don't leave Big 12 for SEC, they may be left out of Power 2

Texas Tech v Oklahoma State
Texas Tech v Oklahoma State / Brian Bahr/GettyImages

Well-connected radio host Greg Swaim believes that if OK State, K-State, and Texas Tech don't leave the Big 12 for the SEC at some point, they can be left out of the Power 2 -- aka the future of college football once the SEC and Big Ten payouts dwarf those of the Big 12 and ACC, or if the SEC and Big Ten branch off from the NCAA altogether.

"I believe that OK State, K-State and/or Texas Tech joining the SEC would be a disaster on the field (just as I believe the #Sooners will struggle), but if those schools don't go then they may be left out of the highest division in college football completely," Swaim wrote.

247Sports' Josh Pate believes that the College Football Playoff can see a dramatic shift with the SEC and Big Ten both expanding; signaling that there could be separate postseasons formed by these super conferences that don't include the "other two" (Big 12, ACC) or Group of Five conferences at all.

"One or both will restructure into 4 divisions & look to construct internal conference title mechanisms that either ARE part of the CFP (I.E conference semi finals + conference title games) or will produce a conference champ to compete in a CFP possibly reduced in size," Pate tweeted on February 26.

Big 12 could poach Pitt, Virginia Tech, Louisville, and NC State to replace potential losses to Power 2 conferences

Every non-Power 2 conference will be aiming to hedge against the imminent poaches from the SEC and the Big Ten. The Big 12 could add Pitt, Virginia Tech, Louisville, and NC State should it have schools from Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma raided.

"Yormark hints that the Big12 will be expanding...soon, and mark it down they'll all come from the ACC," Swaim said of Brett Tormark's push to keep provisions that'd allow further expansion for conferences in College Football Playoff negotiations.

Change is coming. Based on the daily reports about which schools are going where, it seems like it'll be a lot of it.