Players association founder sends strong message on success of Deion Sanders' Colorado football sons off the field

2023 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award And The Prime Video World Premiere Of "Coach
2023 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award And The Prime Video World Premiere Of "Coach / Tom Cooper/GettyImages

The success of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders' sons, Buffs quarterback Shedeur Sanders and safety Shilo Sanders, isn't something just about any other college athlete should expect, even in the NIL era; this, at least, according to founder Jim Cavale.

“They come from families that give them an organic audience right off the top, and then they’ve done a good job on social, putting gasoline on that fire and maximizing it,” Cavale said (h/t USA Today). “These two have really done that, probably the same way Deion would have done if it he had social media and NIL when he was at Florida State. He was everything you could be with the mediums at that time.”

In the same week, Shilo appeared the Starz show “BMF" portraying his father during Deion's playing days (on May 10) and Shedeur released his first single, "Perfect Timing," on Spotify and Apple Music. They both walked the runway during the Louis Vuitton fall-winter show in Paris headlined by Pharrell Williams back in January. The two are taking the entertainment world by storm and still have a year left of eligibility.

With that said, there's plenty left on the field both need to prove during their CU swan song.

Shedeur Sanders has to prove he's a top NFL draft pick and Shilo needs to prove he's healthy during final Colorado football season

Shedeur's mission is straightforward in 2024: lead the Buffs to a bowl game under center and continue upping his game from a standout 2023 season where his sole issue was getting sacked nearly every possession due to a flimsy offensive line and his own inability to get rid of the ball quick enough.

For Shilo, proving he is healthy is the biggest goal. After a serious procedure where he had his shoulder cleaned up, it's a question mark whether or not he'll even be healthy enough to play for the majority of the Buffs' games this season.