Analyst on a potential Colorado football loss to NDSU: Deion Sanders will be laughed out of college football

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A to Z Sports' Zach Ragan laid it out bluntly: if Colorado football loses their Week 1 matchup to North Dakota State, Deion Sanders will be laughed out of college football.

"If the Buffaloes somehow lose to North Dakota State to open the 2024 season, it's going to create a media firestorm unlike anything Colorado football has ever seen before," Ragan prefaced before saying, "Sanders and the Buffaloes will get absolutely trashed on social media. The critics of Sanders will enjoy one of the biggest victory laps the sport has ever seen. Coach Prime will be laughed out of college football."

Counterpoint: if the Buffs lose to the Bison in Week 1 on their homefield, Colorado would be a more motivated team every week thereafter. Of course, everything Ragan described would happen first, and it'd be a tough time to be a Buffs fan.

Deion Sanders would've backed out of North Dakota State-Colorado football matchup if he could've: Analyst

BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle believes that if Sanders could've, he would've backed out of the NDSU game to avoid the trap game the 2024 schedule will begin with.

"Colorado made the agreement with the FCS powerhouse eight years ago before the hype of The Rise kicked in," Tolle prefaced before saying, "The Buffs are hosting Bison and will break out the checkbook. Thamel could be right. If NDST ends up leaving Folsom Field with a win, it could be trouble for the program early. At the very least, Sanders and crew might've backed out and gone another route to get momentum going."

Truth be told, the media would've probably given Sanders more hell had he backed out of a game against an FCS opponent; even one as historically dominant as North Dakota State. It's a lose-lose-win scenario for Sanders.

Damned if they don't play, damned if they do play and CU loses, and only slightly less damned if the Buffs win.

And that last point is a win for Coach Prime's highly-scrutinized program.