Power 4 GM sends strong message on Deion Sanders losing Colorado football CB

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

One Power 4 GM gave a confusing response to FOX Sports' RJ Young on why Deion Sanders let cornerback Jahquez Robinson leave the Colorado football program via the transfer portal without putting up any resistance to the move.

"I'd love to know why he'd let a kid with that profile leave without a fight," the GM said.

As Young puts it, Robinson is the kind of player opposing head coaches and their support staffs would pony up big-time NIL deals for.

"Robinson, who transferred to Colorado from Alabama, claims to have entered the portal as a grad transfer with two years of eligibility left," Young prefaced before saying, "He fits the profile of not just the kind of player Prime would normally want, but the kind of player a Power 4 general manager told me foots the bill for him too."

Colorado football CB room took losses, but some may seem less significant in due time

Robinson may be seen as a top-tier talent, but injuries didn't allow him to thrive in a way one might've thought coming from Tuscaloosa. It was known that Robinson didn't see eye to eye with Nick Saban's staff, but now with another transfer under his belt, it's starting to seem like seeing eye to eye with him is a tough task.

Elsewhere in the CB room, Omarion Cooper and Cormani McClain, two highly-touted Florida-based studs -- the latter a 5-star from Lakeland coming out of the 2023 class and the former a transfer from FSU, where he has since returned -- also chose to leave the team coached by one of, if not the, greatest CB in the history of football.

In McClain's case, teams have not come calling as was predicted. For Cooper, he went back to a program he didn't feel was up to snuff just over a year ago.

The losses CU took at CB may look bad now, but with an infusion of talent (DJ McKinney, Ivan Yates, Colton Hood) from the portal, the Buffs may not be in such hot water at a position that arguably underperformed more than any other for Colorado in 2023.