Purdue recruit: Coach Prime isn't looking at local kids for Colorado football program

A recruit from Cherry Creek revealed that Coach Prime isn't looking at local kids for his Colorado football program.
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Coach Prime isn't looking at local kids for his Colorado football program "like that," says Cherry Creek star Max Parrott; who ended up at Purdue with former Buff Ryan Walters, who actually showed the Bruin interest beyond a BBQ in Boulder.

“I went up (to Boulder) for a barbecue,” Parrott said (h/t Denver Post), "I think, especially now with (Coach Prime’s staff), they’re just not really looking at (local kids) like that. And I think a lot of people just see opportunities out-of-state. I think they see more love from those (far-off) schools and I think that’s really what attracts (them). That’s what attracted me to go out-of-state."

Parrott described a much different scene for his recruitment from Purdue's coaching staff.

“(Purdue) came out and they showed me so much love," Parrott prefaced before saying, "They called me every week. I talked to (Walters) a lot and when I got out there for the first time, I loved it. I loved everything about it."

Cherry Creek coach worried about Colorado football connections with Tim Brewster and Bill O'Boyle gone

Cherry Creek's head coach Dave Logan, who doubles as a color commentator for Denver Broncos radio broadcasts in Colorado, sent a worrying message about who he's to contact from the Buffs with Tim Brewster and Bill O'Boyle out of the picture in Boulder.

“Our two primary contact guys (for local coaches) who were at (CU) were (ex-Buffs tight ends coach) Tim Brewster and (ex-CU offensive line coach) Bill O’Boyle,” Logan prefaced before saying, "“And both those guys are gone. Who is (our contact) now that the two guys that recruited (the state of Colorado) are both gone? I guess my answer would be, it remains to be seen. I’m sure (Sanders) is still filling out his staff and I would have to think we’ll get to know an assistant coach or two in the near future.

“But, you know, it’s concerning to me. And I would hope that, while they have a national game plan in place, as far as recruiting, I’m most anxious to see what they do locally.”

If Coach Prime focuses on Texas, Florida, and Georgia truthfully, he'll be fine.