Reporter bashes Shedeur Sanders' Super Bowl comments: 'Delusion is a hell of a thing'

Shedeur Sanders' "we're everyone's Super Bowl" comments didn't go over well
Shedeur Sanders' "we're everyone's Super Bowl" comments didn't go over well / Louis Grasse/GettyImages

Shedeur Sanders' comments implying that Colorado was everyone's Super Bowl predictably did not go over well with media and fans who have been highly critical of Coach Prime and the Buffs since "Prime Time" arrived in Boulder.

On3's Justin Hokanson shredded the sentiment from the "Grown QB," claiming that delusion "is a hell of a thing" and insinuating that teams only view CU as their Super Bowl because there is so much hype surrounding them.

"Delusion is a hell of a thing. Teams want to beat Colorado, and might get extra hyped to play them, because they’re sick of hearing about them," Hokanson prefaced before saying, "It’s not because they’ve accomplished anything noteworthy on the field under Deion to this point. Super Bowl? Make a bowl."

Shedeur shared his thoughts during Big 12 media days in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 10.

"It's been there since Day 1," Sanders prefaced before saying, "I remember first media day when I was in HBCU, I said, 'We won't lose a game.' I'm undefeated in a SWAC. So, I already know what the expectation comes with.

"I know we're everybody's Super Bowl, so I always stay level-headed and stay grounded because I would never want to be that guy looking back and not being able to take advantage of the moment that we have right now."

Outrage at Shedeur Sanders' Super Bowl comments prove them right

Hokanson's comments were angry, but in them, he admits that the hype surrounding Deion Sanders' program does make teams want to give more to knock them off.

So in essence, it's not just another game when you play Colorado. Just as Shedeur said.

Sure, there isn't much on-field accomplishments to justify it, but there's plenty of off-field publicity that comes with playing the Buffs. It turns out teams tend to take no issues with playing for clicks when it comes down to it.