Ricky Williams sends wild message on being able to outcoach Colorado football HC Deion Sanders

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Ricky Williams went out on a major limb and claimed that he can do what Deion Sanders did with Colorado football -- overhauling an ailing brand and making it the most talked about program in the country -- but better.

"I had good coaches, but the best coach I ever had was me," Williams said on the Momentum Podast (h/t OutKick). "Coaching myself. And I just use the same general techniques that I used to use to get the best out of myself in order to get the best out of the kids that I coached.

"(Williams coaching) would be bigger than a Deion effect. Even if a smaller school offered me. When I say 'better than Deion,' or 'different than Deion,' it's because I'm an astrologer. So when I'm coaching these kids, I'm not just looking at what I see with my eyes, I'm looking at something deeper."

Ricky Williams would have more to overcome as a coach than Deion Sanders at Colorado football

Williams' words come across as pretty reckless considering there's never been a phenomenon quite like Sanders' Colorado takeover.

First of all, Williams mentioning coaching Texas, something the Momentum Podcast hosts asked, is wild, even if it is a hypothetical. A College Football Playoff contender with some of the deepest donor pockets in the country would never offer a neophyte the Longhorns head coaching job.

Good on Williams for realizing that was a stretch. But why wouldn't he have the self-awareness to realize that claiming he could do something that hadn't been done before better than the man who broke such ground to begin with?

The "Prime Effect" isn't replicable. Reeling in the No. 1 overall recruit to an HBCU in Mississippi and then inspiring a record number of applications to the University of Colorado Boulder isn't something others should look at and think 'I can definitely do that.'