Rumor: Big 12 can show interest in FSU and Clemson if they're deemed unworthy of SEC, Big Ten

Florida State v Clemson
Florida State v Clemson / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd believes that there's a chance that neither the SEC nor Big Ten will see FSU and Clemson as worthy of memberships to their burgeoning "Power 2" super-conferences -- and if happens, the Big 12 can swoop in, add the pair, and make them the two pillar programs of their conference.

"That discussion (of FSU joining the SEC or B1G) has not only changed, but Clemson joining its conference rival in filing a lawsuit against the ACC this week -- challenging the grant of rights -- has given new life to another potential round of realignment," Dodd wrote.

"Florida State and Clemson are a dynamic duo that could potentially trigger another shake-up across the college sports landscape. If the 'Noles and Tigers are deemed unworthy of Big Ten or SEC membership, perhaps even the Big 12 shows interest."

Pitt, Virginia Tech, Louisville, NC State all potential Big 12 options

Long-time radio host Greg Swaim has hinted that there will be additions to the Big 12 from the ACC; naming Pitt, Virginia Tech, Louisville, and NC State all as potential options.

"Yormark hints that the Big12 will be expanding...soon, and mark it down they'll all come from the ACC," Swaim said.

Gig Em Gazette's Graham Harmon believes that NC State, North Carolina, and Duke are all a package deal, though, claiming that the Tobacco Road trio will all likely join the SEC together because it makes "the most geographical and logistical sense."

"There will be issues for either conference with the Tobacco Road trio: can you take all three? Would you take all three? I'm not sure either conference is better equipped to handle that question than the other, but the fact is clear that what makes the most geographical and logistical sense for any one of these schools—and therefore for UNC individually—is to head to the SEC," Harmon wrote.

Rumors are all over the place right now, so stay tuned. We got as fluid of a situation as it gets in college athletics right now.