Shilo and Shedeur Sanders send harsh message to Colorado football transfers who complained about playing time

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Shilo and Shedeur Sanders defended their father, Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders, against transfers who complained that they weren't getting playing time in Boulder on the Buffs during an April 18 presser.

“If you’re good, you’re going to play,” Shilo said (h/t Denver Sports). “A lot of people talk about favoritism stuff but I’ve seen that at other schools that actually might be like that. I promise you if you’re good you’re going to play, you’ll have more of an opportunity here to legit actually display your skills.”

Shedeur claimed that these players did something specific to upset the coaching staff or prove unplayable.

“If you’re not playing here, that just means you’re doing something wrong,” Shedeur prefaced before saying, "If you’re not playing here that means you’re doing something—not listening to the coaches or something."

Shilo drove the point home, specifically calling out players who took to social media to talk ill of Colorado's coaching staff for not giving them opportunities.

"They might get on Instagram or Twitter or say something but it’s not like you’re even doing anything bro," Shilo said. "Y’all don’t know what is going on at practice every day because you just see highlight plays here and there but we practice every day almost. We know who is who and if somebody was done wrong we would know that.”

Alton McCaskill and Cormani McClain could be Colorado football transfers Shilo and Shedeur Sanders targeted with rant

Putting the pieces together, there are two players on both sides of the ball who seemingly match the descriptions of players who complained about their role on social media and criticized the coaching staff: running back Alton McCaskill IV and cornerback Cormani McClain.

In McCaskill's case, it was the RB's father, Alton McCaskill III, who posted on social media complaining about his son's lack of snaps. McClain went a cryptic route on Instagram in multiple stories.

Being that Shedeur, by nature of being the quarterback, works closely with RBs, and Sanders, by nature of being in the secondary, worked with McClain, it doesn't take much to connect the dots here. Others may have done the same thing, but McCaskill and McClain are the two biggest names to hit the portal during the spring cycle.

And their behavior upon leaving Boulder was noted by Coach Prime's kids, who will defend their dad to the ends of the earth.