Unchosen Colorado football DC candidate Mike Zimmer not trying usurp Mike McCarthy as Cowboys head coach

Nov 28, 2021; Santa Clara, California, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer leaves the
Nov 28, 2021; Santa Clara, California, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer leaves the / Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Unchosen Colorado football defensive coordinator candidate Mike Zimmer is not trying to usurp Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy after being hired as McCarthy's DC in the DFW, writes Cowboys Country's Mike Fisher.

"USAToday writes scoldingly that 'the hyperbole is flow(ing)' but then adds to said hyperbole by suggesting that 'maybe head coach isn’t such a distant thought' for Zimmer, adding, 'Zimmer, 67, may see running the defense in 2024 as giving him the inside track on the head coaching position in 2025 if McCarthy leaves,'" Fisher prefaced before saying, "There is, however, no evidence of this. Indeed, we just saw Washington-bound Dan Quinn spend four years as McCarthy's coordinator without a hint of ambition-fueled conflict.

"That speaks to the character of Quinn. And as we've known Zimmer for almost 30 years, we believe we can assign the same quality of character to him."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones meddled with hiring of unchosen Colorado football DC candidate Mike Zimmer

As Fisher reported upon Zimmer's hiring, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones meddled with Dallas' defensive coordinator hiring process; leading to the long-time Minnesota Vikings head coach getting the green light from the franchise's head honcho.

"Zimmer has a unique bond and trust with the Jones family, dating back to when he broke into the NFL in 1994 … and stayed with the club all the way until 2006 while working under four different head coaches," Fisher prefaced before asking, "The constant during that time, including the final seven seasons of Zimmer's tenure here as the defensive coordinator? Jerry Jones. CowboysSI.com reported early on in this process that the team owner would help make the choice. And that is very much the case here.

"Some will call this 'meddling.' But it’s commonplace in Dallas. Indeed, Zimmer benefited from it through head coaching changes here over the years. And when present coach Mike McCarthy’s first-year carte blanche hire of buddy Mike Nolan didn’t work out? The front office got involved in helping McCarthy choose Quinn."

Zimmer was one of the Buffs' top DC candidates after serving as an analyst under Coach Prime in 2022 at Jackson State. He was reportedly set to join Deion Sanders' CU staff, though he never did, but his nephew, Andrew, served as a GA.