Utah, ASU, Arizona, and Colorado football joining 'brighter skies' of Big 12

Utah, ASU, Arizona, and Colorado football will be joining the "brighter skies" of the Big 12 in 2024.

Colorado v TCU
Colorado v TCU / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Utah, ASU, Arizona, and Colorado football will be joining the "brighter skies" of the Big 12 after leaving the Pac-12 behind according to Buffaloes Wire's Jack Carlough -- who sees the brighter skies as being an easier time finding wins in the new (or, for CU and Utah, old) conference.

"Along with fellow Pac-12 defectors Utah, Arizona and Arizona State, Colorado is joining the brighter skies of the Big 12 Conference next season," Carlough prefaced before saying, "Gone are trips to California and in are frequent visits to Texas, Kansas and even Florida.

"At least on paper, the Buffs’ 2024 schedule should be much less challenging than what they faced in 2023."

Other analyst feels Big 12 a step up in competition for Colorado football

Carlough sees brighter skies, but Marca's Andreas Vou sees Colorado having to face a more competitive landscape in the latest round of conference realignment set to shake up the Power Five in 2024.

"Colorado's move back to the Big 12 presents both challenges and opportunities," Vou prefaced before saying, "As the Buffs return to their roots, they must adapt to a more competitive landscape. Sanders' unique approach and connections will be vital in navigating this transition, defining Colorado's identity in the new conference.

"The Buffs won't be sneaking up on any of their future Big 12 opponents. The move demands strategic planning to compete in a more competitive environment, and Sanders' ability to leverage his network and coaching acumen will be critical."

Where does the truth lie? Well, as always, right in the middle. UCF could be a major riser, while Oklahoma State figures to continue being a competitive force in a conference that loses two of the Cowboys' biggest rivals (Texas, Oklahoma). Ditto for Kansas State, and don't write off Texas Tech righting the ship sometime soon either.

The Pac-12 featured Washington, Oregon, USC, and UCLA, though, who were almost always a tough out. That's life in the Power Five for you.