Viral distant future recruit Baby Gronk flips to Colorado football

In this photo illustration, the X (Twitter) logo seen...
In this photo illustration, the X (Twitter) logo seen... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Colorado football is the latest program Baby Gronk, who's currently crystal-balled to classify for the 2031 class and whose father has made him go viral for his promotion -- always passionate and mostly with his heart in the right direction as a parent/agent/social media manager but oftentimes hit with X's "community notes" for clarification that his posts are not in line with reality scholarship-wise -- has "committed" to.

In what is likely a bid to mine reactions from all of the biggest fanbases, the notable X figure's team met its viral match with Deion Sanders -- who has been a present father in his sons' success. But in inarguably every way besides inviting social media smoke as part of the parental promotional package.

Shedeur Sanders, if no one else, hasn't been afraid to partake too.

The Baby Gronk saga has been heavy on the flips in recent months, a major narrative improvement for the family over the awkward interview last June. Whether this sticks or not may depend on how it goes over with all the other programs Baby Gronk could flip to in the next seven years.

Colorado football not shy about bringing on recruiting celebrities

CU goes for the big names: the youngest two Sanders sons. WCW legend Bill Goldberg's son, Gage, and Nate Robinson's son, Nahmier.

Sidenote, let's help Nate get a kidney.

It's easy to link Baby Gronk and CU than arguably any other team. Coach Prime's 10-year timetable to still be coaching puts the Class of '31er's potential Buffs career in that timeframe. The two would be gold for Well Off Media.

Who knows?

As of this writing, Baby Gronk is Boulder-bound. Does it stick? Check back at the end of the roaring twenties. Who knows what college football will even look like at that point.