Warren Sapp sends first message as Colorado football GA to Buffs locker room

RAO's Gridiron Club Prime Night Hosted By Deion Sanders
RAO's Gridiron Club Prime Night Hosted By Deion Sanders / Denise Truscello/GettyImages

Warren Sapp had several notable quotes during his first message to the Buffs locker room as a Colorado football graduate assistant; captured by Well Off Media cameras in a video released on March 31.

“You’ll hear me before you see me most of the time,” Sapp told the team (h/t Denver Gazette). “Big fellas: stance, alignment and assignment — that’s where we gonna start. We’re gonna pour concrete because you know I like stuff and we building mansions here. That’s where I’m here, to help you build your mansion and foundation. Anything you need, come see me.”

CU released a statement addressing Sapp's controversial hiring -- one vehemently opposed by Violence Free Colorado, the federally recognized, anti-domestic violence coalition for the state of Colorado.

“Warren Sapp successfully completed all of the necessary steps required of anyone who is employed at CU Boulder, including a background check,” CU's statement read (h/t BuffZone). “Furthermore, Athletic Director Rick George personally met with Warren to clearly articulate the department’s standards and expectations, to which he acknowledged and agreed.”

Deion Sanders on Warren Sapp's Colorado football hiring

Deion Sanders had a message for his locker room: show Sapp some love whenever he's around, because he won't always be.

“The big fella needs activities because that’s who he is,” Sanders said in the 'Well Off Media' video. “We gotta keep him busy. He loves to golf, he loves to hunt, he loves to fish. Whenever you see him out, I want y’all to give (him) love.”

Sapp, a lightning rod figure to not only those in his past but even fans who've reached out to me since his hiring to share verified anecdotes painting the Orlando native in a less-than-favorable light, will have an uphill climb for his own narratives sake.

But he has 100% of Coach Prime's support as he navigates it all.