Writer insinuates 'real' Deion Sanders is one who bullies on X, not one in Colorado football recruits' living rooms

Apr 27, 2024; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during a spring game
Apr 27, 2024; Boulder, CO, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders during a spring game / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Root's Stephanie Holland believes the "real" Deion Sanders isn't the one who shows up in Colorado football recruits' living room, but rather the one who bullies kids -- like Austin Peay's Jaheim Ward, whose past few years of stat-lines he possible belittled, and the son of an anonymous X accuser who said Shedeur Sanders wasn't a top-five pick -- on social media.

"After seeing how he treats players he doesn’t deem worthy of his time and watching him use his platform to embarrass a mostly anonymous college kid, what parent will feel comfortable entrusting their child to Coach Prime?

"No matter what polite, respectable show he puts on in their living room, they know it’s not the real Coach Prime," Holland prefaced before saying, "The guy who wants the spotlight for himself and his sons — and who seems more than willing to humiliate other players to get it — is the Coach Prime they’ll be working for every day. Is that someone you want influencing your kids’ self-belief and confidence when they’re still figuring out who they are as a person?"

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders isn't solely defined by his behavior on social media

Uh, can't Sanders realistically be both? Why wouldn't he be able to take shots at social media while also caring for players he's trying to bring to Boulder? Trying to put him in a box is a massive problem and shows that some strive to define people solely based on their bad decisions while attempting to wipe away anything else that defines their characters.

Sanders taking shots at college players isn't a good look, but that doesn't undo the love he's shown to players like Travis Hunter, Jordan Seaton, and even Julian Lewis, who hasn't committed to CU and may never, among others. Just like any other human being in this country, Sanders can pick and choose what energy to show to specific people.

Once this story leaves the news cycle, you can once again judge Sanders for what he's done lately. Apparently until then, this social media drama will define him to many.

You, the reader, doesn't have to fall for that, though.