Colorado Basketball: Phenomenal performance by Derrick White in Game 1 of the NBA Finals

It has been no secret that Colorado Buffaloes great Derrick White has been one of Boston’s most secret weapons. But now is it really such a secret? White came alive in the Eastern Conference Finals and that was something that did not wear off in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Now the Celtics and Derrick White are just 3 wins away to becoming World Champions.

White had a quiet Game 7 in Miami of the Eastern Conference Finals with just 8 points and 3 rebounds. But all production is still good production. It was all that Boston needed to take care of business and reach it all with Golden State. Prior to game 7 he put on an astonishing show in game 6 in Boston against the Heat. Scoring a miraculous 22 points and 3 steals. He also had 14 points and 5 rebounds in the playoff game before that.

On comes Game 1 of the NBA Finals at the Chase Center. It wasn’t a blowout by the Warriors by any stretch, but for most of the game Boston was just barely hanging on. Going on several runs to get back within 4 points. When Derrick White made a huge 3-point shot with 5.5 left to go that’s when things really started to shift in Boston’s favor. The Warriors got a taste of their own medicine as the Celtics pulled away in an alarming and surprising victory in San Francisco.

Boston Celtics
Golden State Warriors

Derrick White came in clutch again in the big moments that mattered the most. He had the third highest minutes played and shot 6-for-11 from the field. Finishing the game with 21 points and 3 assists. Surprisingly he did not have any steals on the contest but he usually always has a handful each game. In the end it wasn’t needed as Boston pulled away with a 12 point victory.

Keep in mind that White is a player who fought back so many times from adversity. The heart of this guy is truly what makes people so proud to see what he is doing right now. It also makes him such a great role model for girls and boys all over America. Ones who have been told they will never make it. They’ll never be good enough. This is the end result that if you work hard enough, believe in yourself enough, and keep fighting for your dreams, this is what can happen.

Nobody can say enough about what Derrick has brought to this squad. Especially his teammates. He’s brought a level of maturity, experience, and all around positive play on both sides of the ball. If Derrick continues his 3-point success Golden State is going to have a hard time getting another NBA title. Nobody came up bigger in Game 1 other than Al Horford who outshot White in the three-point land coming up with 6 of them and 26 points. Game 2 of the NBA Finals starts on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on ABC back at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Tune in and see if Forever Buff Derrick White can keep showing out and get Boston one step closer to becoming NBA Champions.