Colorado Football: Twitter reacts to the possibility of rejoining the Big 12

Rejoining the Big 12 was definitely not on Colorado’s bingo card in 2022. For now, it seems to be the best option. The Pac-12 looks to be folding more and more as each day passes and the Big 12 has to do a lot more to keep up with the Big Ten, at least in football. Going to the Big Ten for Colorado football would be a long shot but the most golden outcome. It would be nice to bypass going back to the Big 12 and admitting failure. The jokes are already starting over the possibility of returning to the Big 12.

It is now rumored that the Big 12 is now talking to 6 Pac-12 teams. The first four of course Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah. Now it seems Oregon and Washington State are in the mix as well.

Among all the chaos in college football here is what fans on Twitter had to say about it:


Barstool Colorado always keeping the comedy rolling.

Not quite feeling the love yet from Kansas State. But we can sense a great old rivalry arising again in the Big 12. (Colorado has won this matchup 45-20 for those keeping score.)

Sometimes you have to just laugh at the way life works out.


The rest of college football doesn’t seem too scared of the possible reformed Big 12.

Everyone has known this was coming for a while. There is no viable reason for Colorado to hang on with the Pac-12 any longer. Going down to a Pac-12 and Mountain West merger would be downgrading. Bringing the four corners into the Big 12 also get’s the bring the old Big 8 back together. Seeing old time rivalries again and hopefully creating new ones. College football is changing with the times and the big schools have to be in a position where they be the best with other schools like them. Schools that believe in the same philosophy and culture as CU.