Analyst casts doubt on Coach Prime's latest controversial Colorado football hiring

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OutKick's David Hookstead is highly skeptical of Coach Prime's controversial Colorado football support staff hiring of Warren Sapp.

" definitely can't say Sanders isn't entertaining," Hookstead prefaced before saying, "Is winning just four games in year one ideal? Not at all, especially considering the team went 1-8 in the final nine games. However, he certainly makes sure things stay fun and interesting. His son is a legit celebrity at QB, and he now has Warren Sapp on his staff in Boulder. Is he the solution after an abysmal inaugural season with the Buffaloes? Call me skeptical. Call me very skeptical, but we'll all find out soon enough."

Why is the hiring controversial, you may ask? Well, back in January, Steve Hurlbert, a spokesman for CU Boulder, proclaimed that the university had not had any talks about adding Sapp as an assistant coach.

Then again, maybe that's true. Senior quality control analyst is a support staff position, not a coaching staff position. Still, there was such an emphasis on denying Sapp as a Colorado candidate because of his controversial past; a past that prompted pushback from Violence Free Colorado, the federally recognized, anti-domestic violence coalition for the state of Colorado.

“By recruiting someone with a history of public allegations of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, they risk promoting violence rather than speaking out against it,” said the org's statement (h/t USA Today). “They risk saying that violence is excusable if the player or coach is successful. They risk undermining the public work CU has done to speak out against domestic violence. As advocates, we know the answer is not to ignore the allegations against Mr. Sapp, but to address them head on.”

Coach Prime won out on Warren Sapp's Colorado football hiring over CU brain trust

In a battle of wills, Coach Prime outdueled the University of Colorado Boulder with his high-profile
senior quality control analyst hiring; specifically those at the university who tried to veto Sapp's hiring.

Deion Sanders has unmatched pull at CU. The Sapp hiring proves that fact singlehandedly.