Analyst on ex-5-star Colorado football flip returning to original team: 'Don't count on it'

Lakeland's Cormani McClain puts on the baseball cap after choosing Miami.

Syndication Lakeland
Lakeland's Cormani McClain puts on the baseball cap after choosing Miami. Syndication Lakeland / ROY FUOCO/THE LEDGER / USA TODAY NETWORK

Mike Farrell Sports' Scott Salomon shut down the idea of former Colorado football flip Cormani McClain returning to the University of Miami after entering the transfer portal on April 16 after one season in Boulder.

"The only question that remains is whether McClain mends fences with Cristobal and joins the Hurricanes? Don't count on it," Salomon wrote on the chances McClain would go back to the team he originally committed to coming out of Lakeland High School.

McClain has been linked to Miami and Florida, another school that had the 5-star corner on their radar, since entering the portal. The former is seemingly out of the mix despite their secondary needs due to the nature of his flip, while the latter may be more forgiving considering the desperate state Billy Napier is in down in Gainesville.

More realistic landing spots for McClain include USF and USC. USF's interest is obvious: the Bulls are in the mix for a prospect they wouldn't have otherwise had a chance for coming out of high school but now do because of negative PR at Colorado. For USC, a drop-off in talent from last season in their first year in the Big Ten could have them taking gambles and McClain has the talent to thrive in the right situation.

Deion Sanders hoping Cormani McClain finds right situation after Colorado football wasn't

Deion Sanders' message following McClain's transfer was simple. The Colorado head coach simply wants to see McClain find the right situation to grow as a player, and more importantly as a man, after Boulder proved not to be.

"I pray to god that he goes to a program that challenges him, as well as holds him accountable and develops him as a young man," Sanders told the DNVR Buffs crew. "Unfortunately, we weren't the program that could accomplish that."

McClain's time at CU will always be a major what-if. Instead of wondering about it, though, Sanders did the healthiest thing; which was to wish McClain well in his next steps and focus on the players he still has on the Buffs roster.