Analyst reveals cynical 'Golden Rule' for Shedeur Sanders at Colorado football

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Mike Farrell Sports' Rock Westfall revealed the "Golden Rule" Shedeur Sanders makes everyone live by in his father Coach Prime's Colorado football program: that the "Grown QB" gets to run roughshod over anyone and anything because he is the coach's star son.

Westfall referenced the trash-talk Shedeur shared with Matt Rhule before the Buffs' 36-14 beatdown of Nebraska during CU's home opener of the "Prime Time" era back in Week 2 of the 2023 season.

"With his post-game antics, Shedeur came off as obnoxiously entitled and unaccountable, especially considering the two coaches spoke well of each other in the week leading up to the game," Westfall prefaced before saying, "If Shedeur’s dad was not bothered by Rhule’s light offseason banter, there was no need to clown. But the Golden Rule at Colorado is that Shedeur gets to do whatever he wants."

Coach Prime accused of playing 'Daddy Ball' with Colorado football due to Shilo and Shedeur Sanders' behavior

The head of the Mike Farrell Sports brand, Mike Farrell, believes "Daddy Ball" caused a slight fracture in the Buffs locker room during the 2023 season as CU was stumbling toward a 1-8 finish to their inaugural "Prime Time" campaign.

“(Colorado) has clearly become 'Daddy Ball' in Boulder, more so in regards to Shedeur than Shilo, and I’m hearing there is a slight fracture within the program because of it,” Farrell wrote. “Has Deion ever once criticized his son at QB? If he has, I’ve missed it. And yes, Shedeur has excellent stats with 3,230 yards and 27 touchdowns with only 3 interceptions. But how about when he holds onto the ball way too long, as many NFL scouts and GMs are concerned about? Deion blames the offensive line and demotes his OC. And when he puts Travis Hunter back in the game with a lacerated liver but pulls Shedeur out of the Washington State game for fear he’ll get hurt. It becomes more and more obvious that this is about Deion and his sons and not about the team.”

Is it possible this is true? It's actually more likely than not. But that's why Coach Prime made it an emphasis to find the right character fits this offseason and also why Shedeur has called out the 2023 roster for not having enough "dogs" on the team.

Okay, since he was able to call out his former teammates without repercussion, Westfall's point about the "Golden Rule" in Boulder is probably true too.