Ex-Colorado football RB scolds Shedeur Sanders for throwing teammates under bus

Sep 16, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Xavier Weaver (10) and
Sep 16, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Xavier Weaver (10) and / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-Colorado football running back Kavosiey Smoke was not a fan of what Shedeur Sanders said about his Buffs teammates from the 2023 season during an appearance on Cam Newton's "4th & 1" podcast -- throwing them under the bus for not being the type of "dogs" who can stick up for themselves and stand up to competition -- and called out Coach Prime's youngest son on social media.

“Cmon fam don’t do your teammates like that gang…..we know why we loss and the world know why we lost!!” Smoke tweeted.

Sanders told Newton that CU didn't win in 2023 because they didn't have "the right type of players" on the roster.

“By having the right players,” Sanders said when asked how to improve in 2024 (h/t On3). “We only lost a lot of games last year because we have enough dogs on the team. You understand I’m not even a player to be talking crazy or anything like that. Now, when you got some guys on the team that can’t stick up for themselves or you got guys on a team where that’s not in them, you’ve got to become that because they’re going to follow the leader. Not really caring, whatever it is, they’re gonna go do it.”

Kavosiey Smoke called out Colorado football teammates in November

Smoke himself has called out his Buffs teammates, claiming that the team could've been undefeated in 2023 but let "selfish" tendencies get in the way.

“simple fact bru we could’ve went undefeated this year😔to much selfish ball going on man can’t win like that💯gotta play and win as a team but if u go the other route u get results like this🦬,”Smoke wrote.

Smoke seemed to be a pot calling the kettle black a bit when it comes to scolding Sanders for his comments. It's not as though Smoke was far off, considering both called out the characters of their teammates.

Shedeur seems more likely to defend a QB peer than he is his own teammates. Given the revolving door of teammates he's seen come and go since arriving in Boulder, perhaps it's not shocking that's the case.

Then again, he'll call out a QB or two just as quickly as well.

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