Analyst rolls eyes at Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders' shot at 2024 draft QBs

Oregon State v Colorado
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Shedeur Sanders believes his road to the top of the Power Five was tougher than his peers. OutKick's Amber Harding believes that what the Colorado football quarterback is trying to peddle is a "tough sell."

"Being the son of a Hall of Famer — with access to millions of dollars and every tool an athlete needs to succeed — is certainly a tremendous advantage," Harding prefaced before saying, "But Shedeur says his road to the pros was much rockier than his counterparts. That's an awfully tough sell, kid."

Sanders told Sports Illustrated on February 9 that he was better than any other QB in the draft, and insinuated that being Deion Sanders' son was oftentimes working against him more than being a benefit.

"I’m biased, but I don’t see a quarterback that’s better than me," Sanders prefaced before saying, "I don’t see a quarterback that went through as much adversity as me, that had four [offensive coordinators] in four years.

"Coming from an HBCU, coming to a Power Five [school], having real pressure on me. A lot of people don’t understand, that’s a lot more adversity than you think just even being the son of Deion Sanders."

Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders stands up for Justin Fields

Sanders doesn't always take shots at other quarterbacks. In fact, he defended Joe Milton III after the Tennessee QB was mocked by Pro Football Focus's Twitter account during the Senior Bowl.

In addition to Milton, Sanders defended Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields on Super Bowl Radio Row when Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon began to insinuate that the former Ohio State star has had a disappointing career.

"There's a lot of stuff that goes into it," Sanders said when asked by Harmon about what he thought about Fields' underwhelming track record in Chicago. "You got to have-- you got to have a right team. Like, a lot of-- you just got to put them in the right system, or right anything, or, you know, give them help, and then everything will be fine."

Sanders' opinion on any given QB sometimes depends on who he's played. When he was talking about his peers, he was referring to USC's Caleb Williams and Oregon's Bo Nix, among others. Both own a victory over Sanders' Buffs from the 2023 season.