Analyst rips Deion Sanders planned 'Prime Weekend' for Colorado football Black and Gold spring game: 'Overkill'

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OutKick's David Hookstead believes Coach Prime's "Prime Weekend" plans for the Colorado football Black and Gold spring game is "overkill"; questioning why a program that lacked any meaningful success outside of the season's first month would celebrate with glitz and glamor like Deion Sanders has planned.

"I hate to sound like an old man yelling at the clouds, but this seems like overkill," Hookstead wrote. "Now, I understand why Deion Sanders is doing it all. He's going so far over-the-top because it's great for recruiting, and it helps build attention around the program.

"On the surface, it makes perfect sense. However, there's a big difference between a plan sounding great and whether it's necessary. Colorado won four games last year. Four! The team had a horrific collapse in its final nine games and lost some games in humiliating fashion. You'd think everyone on the roster would only be focused on one thing: Winning."

Deion Sanders wants Colorado football program's 'Prime Weekend' to be seen by millions

Coach Prime wants everything that "Prime Weekend" will entail to be seen by millions of viewers, perhaps giving some credence to Hookstead's worries about whether or not winning is the No. 1 thing on Sanders' mind.

“So, for our spring game, we’re doing a whole Prime Weekend,” Sanders said to Lil Wayne during Young Money Radio (h/t On3). “We’re having a fashion show on Thursday, something for the boosters on Friday. Then the game on Saturday. We’re doing an afterparty – a white, black, and a Hispanic DJ. We’re going to cover everybody. Then, after the game, we’re doing something with the alumni. Also, maybe, at the halftime of the game or right at the end of the game on the rooftop? We’re going to have somebody. It’s going down. We may cut that into the game so that could be seen with millions of viewers.”

On the flipside, though, "Prime Weekend" is good for the NIL value of every Buff; though particularly Shedeur and Shilo Sanders -- Coach Prime specifically mentioned a fashion show --, Travis Hunter, and Jordan Seaton. Every player stands to benefit, which is one of the positives of the "Prime Time" spotlight Sanders craves.