Analyst sends strong statement on Colorado football program's future: 'Deion is not going to get fired'

Colorado Spring Football Game
Colorado Spring Football Game / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

If Deion Sanders ever leaves the Colorado football program, it will be on his own volition.

On3's Andy Staples made the claim that Colorado AD Rick George will never dismiss Deion from Boulder; simultaneously questioning why Coach Prime is building his program almost exclusively through the transfer portal.

“I get it. Every coach who takes over a team has to figure that out, but the question is, is Deion trying to win? Because Deion is not going to get fired,” Staples said on the latest episode of Andy Staples On3 (h/t On3's Steve Samra). “Like, he’s not on the — , . Those are guys who are going to get fired if they don’t succeed. Deion’s not getting fired. Deion could go 1-10, 1-11. He won’t get fired. So he can build it however he wants to, he’s choosing to do it this way. … It’s the architect, for sure. I’ve watched enough buildings get built. I know what happens when you build them one way, I know what happens when you build them another way.

“So if this architect thinks he knows something that every other architect who ever existed doesn’t know, congratulations. But if he’s wrong..."

Only scandal can end Deion Sanders' Colorado football tenure

While some, like The Denver Post's Sean Keeler, believe that Sanders' time in Boulder can end after year two after another losing season, the fact of the matter is that only scandal can end the "Prime Time" era at the University of Colorado.

The amount of profits Coach Prime has brought CU was previously unfathomable in the Centennial State, and Sanders is now interwoven into the university's curriculum with his “Prime Time: Public Performance and Leadership” class.

Only scandal can rock the boat in Boulder. And not Warren Sapp being hired. That's barely been a blip on the radar.

Something more sinister would have to do the trick. And while there's been whispers in media circles of something major behind the scenes going on in the Buffs locker room, until it reaches the light of day, if it ever does, Deion's job is as safe as anyone's around the country.