Columnist implies Deion Sanders' Colorado football tenure ends after second year by comparing him to failed UNC HC

Sep 3, 2021; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Northern Colorado Bears head coach Ed McCaffrey before the game
Sep 3, 2021; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Northern Colorado Bears head coach Ed McCaffrey before the game / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Post's Sean Keeler implied that Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders could go the way of former Northern Colorado HC Ed McCaffrey: lasting two years in the Centennial State after a nepotism-filled tenure and far more losses than wins.

"Players came and went in droves at UNC two years ago, just as they are right now in Boulder," Keeler prefaced before saying, "When depth wasn’t an issue, continuity and consistency were. Swapping your malcontents for somebody else’s malcontents didn’t fix the chemistry much as long as the double standards for family, for the chosen ones, persisted. Names changed. Faces changed. Resentment remained.

"Year 1 at UNC saw a bump from 2-9 before Ed arrived to 3-8 in 2021. Year 2: Another 3-8. The crowds waned. The whispers hissed. There was no Year 3. CU should be better. Lord help Ralphie if they aren’t, because this film usually doesn’t end on a happy note. At some point, all sizzle and no steak leaves everybody with an empty stomach."

Deion Sanders' Colorado football tenure can only be taken down by off-field drama

Sanders' contract as head coach (five years, $29 million) isn't breaking the bank for CU, being far from the most expensive pact someone is getting paid in the Power Five. Colorado wasn't a winner before he got there, and even improved in his debut 4-8 season.

The only thing that can truly take down Coach Prime's Buffs tenure is internal strife. And while there are whispers in media circles about a toxic locker room far beyond what many might imagine, until those reach the light of day, if they ever do, CU AD Rick George isn't going to let go of his cash cow; especially considering how much of a fan of Deion he is.

The Warren Sapp hiring didn't sink Sanders, so until something legitimate can, comparing Sanders to a far less profitable and impactful coach at an FCS program doesn't move the needle toward the truth.