Appropriateness of Deion Sanders' amputated foot display on Good Morning American questioned

Deion Sanders had some physical humor for Michael Strahan and the Good Morning America audience.
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Deion Sanders is battling but not on the football field like he did back in the old days as he stepped into the end zone, brushing his cleats across the grass. He's battling himself: his body to be exact. Sanders is facing many health problems but one that sticks out the most is his amputated foot that's missing two toes.

That unfamiliar foot aired on the hit morning program, "Good Morning America" as Sanders lifted his foot in excitement giving not only viewers at home a cringy feeling but host Michael Strahan, too. On the bright side, Sanders' situation is a good learning lesson for everyone to keep their health in check.

BuffsBeat Josh Tolle thoroughly explained this idea — strengthing why Coach Prime's act was not the worst thing in the world.

“While Sanders' visual demonstration may not have been appropriate, it served as a powerful reminder of always staying on top of your health," Tolle said. "His willingness to share such a personal aspect of his life speaks to his character and determination to be transparent about his struggles and triumphs. Sanders' revelation also was a testament to his relentless pursuit of overcoming adversity.”

No regrets are living in Sanders' body, no need to make it a big deal.

We should give Deion Sanders his flowers ... seriously

His confidence should be grasped as a learning lesson for people of all ages, especially the upcoming generation.

To not have any shame about yourself and to take charge of the life you've been given. It's about turning a "not so good" situation into one that's filled with laughs and jokes; the same Sanders' did on national television.

Both literally and figuratively, let's give him his flowers. That's the least we can do to commend his humorous actions.

Not tear it down.