Arizona writer predicts failure for Colorado football if the 'Sanders Show' doesn't stop

Colorado v Arizona State
Colorado v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Zona Zealots' Mason Duhon predicted failure for the Colorado football program in 2024 if the "Sanders Show" -- led by Buffs head coach Deion Sanders and quarterback Shedeur Sanders -- doesn't stop.

"Shedeur Sanders looked great and was slinging the rock all over the yard, but it was usually all for naught as the rest of the team fell apart around him," Duhon prefaced before saying, "Combining the underwhelming season results with a confidence only the son of one of the best NFL players and personalities of all time can justify and the result is a team known more for their headlines than their football.

"Both Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders have made headlines for the wrong reasons this offseason, with the father-son tandem being tied to a new disgruntled former Buffalo seemingly every month — this month's flavor is former walk-on QB Gavin Kuld. If the situation in Boulder doesn't stop being the Sanders Show, it will be yet another sorely disappointing year."

The 'Sanders Show' is how Colorado football will stay relevant in 2024

Coach Prime and Shedeur may get themselves into social media drama they are above, but the "Sanders Show" is the reason why CU made any significant improvements from 2022 to 2023 in the first place.

Shedeur singlehandedly buoyed an offense that featured the (then) Power 5's worst rushing attack and least protective offensive line. Shilo Sanders was the team's leading tackler on the defensive side of the ball.

Both of them, Travis Hunter, Xavier Weaver, Jordan Domineck, and every other top weapon on either side of the ball wouldn't have been in Boulder if not for Coach Prime boosting a previously irrelevant brand to national relevance.

Don't get it twisted. The "Sanders Show" is the most vital element of Colorado until Coach Prime decides to call it a career.