Arkansas CB Snaxx Johnson snaps at critic of Colorado football HC Deion Sanders: 'Shut up'

BYU v Arkansas
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Arkansas cornerback Lorando "Snaxx" Johnson didn't want to hear about Deion Sanders being bad for the sport because of the job he's doing as head coach of the Colorado football program; telling one critic to shut up.

"Shut up," Snaxx snapped at one X accuser who claimed that "Deion Sanders is no longer good for college football."

Sanders has been in hot water for former Buffs safety Xavier Smith's accusation in a piece from The Athletic's Max Olson that Coach Prime was careless and callous about how he dismissed Karl Dorrell-era holdovers during his first few months in Boulder. Following that accusation, Smith's Austin Peay teammate, Jaheim Ward, defended the safety, to which Sanders then shared an X user posting Ward's stats with the caption "Lawd Jesus"; belittling the Governors corner.

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders facing unprecedented double standards

What Sanders did to Ward was undeniably unbecoming of a college coach. What he did to Smith may have been taken the wrong way by the player, since fellow cut 2022 Buff Maddox Kopp didn't seem to be nearly as offended as Smith and others.

Regardless of how you feel about those actions, it's clear that Sanders is being held to a different standard than other head coaches.

If Sanders telling players they weren't good enough to be part of his program, surely Lane Kiffin's infamous profanity-laced tirade aimed at Ole Miss DT DeSanto Rollins is just as, if not more, damaging to the sport. Right?

Or how about when CSU head coach Jay Norvell's wife Kim said that Shedeur Sanders was acting like a b*tch? Was that not worse than Shedeur calling Smith "very mid at best"?

The overreactions are abundant, as always when it comes to Coach Prime and all things Colorado. It doesn't make them any less hypocritical, though, considering the other behaviors many turn a blind eye to.