Bankruptcy attorney sends warning to Colorado football S Shilo Sanders amidst ongoing legal issues

Colorado v Oregon
Colorado v Oregon / Tom Hauck/GettyImages

Nicole Stanton, a bankruptcy attorney in Atlanta, sent a warning to Colorado football safety Shilo Sanders amidst his ongoing legal issues stemming from an assault on a security guard from his high school days at Trinity Christian: don't wear expensive jewelry if you don't want questions about your bankruptcy.

“He needs to be laying low because that (bling) is going to raise questions,” Stanton said (h/t USA Today).

Mechele Dickerson, a law professor at the University of Texas, believes Shilo needs to dress "like a bum" to avoid questions from debt collectors.

“If the bling-bling is his, you don’t wear it,” said Dickerson. “If the bling-bling is part of an NIL deal that is with a jeweler, he could give it back. You don’t own it anyway (in that case), so just give it back. A good lawyer would say you need to show up looking like a bum from now until the case is dismissed.”

Shilo Sanders' NFL career facing uncertainty ahead of final season with Colorado football

Sanders' final season at CU will face scrutiny from several angles. Not only is his past assault on John Darjean -- one which left him paralyzed for nearly a decade and is potentially costing him over $11 million -- but his shoulder injury is one that could compromise his 2024 season on the field.

Shilo is most certainly going to miss time to start the season, but how long will be dictated by his recovery from a clean-up procedure he had in April. If NFL teams can't properly assess his health, and the primary headlines of his season involve his bankruptcy case, he may end up undrafted.

That could have unforeseen benefits, like signing as an UDFA with whoever picks his brother, Shedeur, but it'll cost him money he may need to offset Darjean's settlement payment.