Big 12 radio host: Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders is nation's best QB, Buffs' ceiling is CFP

Colorado Spring Football Game
Colorado Spring Football Game / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Sirius XM Big 12 radio host Ari Temkin believes that the Colorado football program's ceiling in 2024 is making the College Football Playoff -- and the reason is that Shedeur Sanders is the best QB in the nation who should only be better behind an improved offensive line.

"I'll say their ceiling is the playoff," Temkin said (h/t AthlonSports). "Look, I'm not just saying that. If you've got the best quarterback in college football, you've got a chance. I think that people are forgetting that Shedeur Sanders is so good despite the fact that they had no offensive line play. So, imagine if they get just an inch more better offensive line play."

Temkin's prediction follows a burgeoning trend in the media world of bullishness on the Buffs in 2024. Former CU QB-turned-FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt predicted the Buffs making the Big 12 championship game this Fall.

"There is a scenario where if Shedeur Sanders is healthy, and they maintain some of that health with guys on the outside, Travis Hunter, who I think is one of if not the best overall player in college football, there’s a chance that Colorado’s competing to go to the Big 12 Championship Game," Klatt said on The Herd (h/t AthlonSports).

"I would just make the argument that when evaluating Colorado, you can't just evaluate them in the current state of the race. Now, I think the play on the field is going to start to catch up with some of the expectations...I think that Colorado can win eight games. I think that they can double their win total from a year ago."

Expectations for Colorado football are getting out of control again

It feels like too large of a leap to predict a Big 12 championship berth and, even more so, a College Football Playoff spot for Colorado just yet; even with 12 teams making the field for the first time in 2024.

Deion Sanders' goal for his team is to win six times and make a bowl game. That's far more realistic than expecting a championship game bid in a conference that features several teams looking to become the conference's pillar programs with Texas and Oklahoma gone (Oklahoma State, Kansas State), more talented newcomers looking to make a mark (Utah, Arizona) and a notable riser that was a Group of 5 program in 2022 looking to establish itself as a Power conference program (UCF).