Bill Goldberg: I have to give Deion Sanders '100% credit' for pro wrestling career

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WCW and WWE legend Bill Goldberg credited Deion Sanders for his professional wrestling career -- 100% of the credit to be exact -- in a speech caught on Deion Sanders Jr.'s Well Off Media YouTube channel.

"I guess I have to give him 100 percent credit for me being a professional wrestler," Goldberg said (h/t BuffsBeat). "Cause I never would have done it."

For sure, many wrestling fans who didn't appreciate Goldberg's stiff in-ring style may hate Coach Prime even more now than they previously had. Bret Hart definitely may have lost love for "Prime Time" if he even previously had it.

No matter. Sanders' influence led Goldberg to choosing a career in which he became one of his industry's top draws. Former WCW owner Ted Turner is certainly thankful for Goldberg getting into pro wrasslin'. Same with Eric Bischoff.

Gage Goldberg: I already know that I will love Colorado

Goldberg's son, Gage, the reason why the WWE Hall-of-Famer is commenting on his former NFL teammate Sanders, already loves Colorado. The PWO linebacker commit shared as much this offseason.

"The main draw was that Colorado has an amazing coaching staff and obviously a great head coach that will help me excel in every way to become a better football player, and eventually to get me to the next level," Goldberg told BuffsBeat. "My dad's advice was go to the program that stands out to you the most and the one you know that you will love. I already know at this moment that I will love Colorado and it will also be great to be learning from one of my dad’s best friends ever."

Gage chose Colorado over Alabama, Duke, UCF, and NC State. In Boulder, he can learn a thing or two from the charismatic Coach Prime.

Maybe even learning how to cut a promo. Because Deion is a master on the microphone.