Cam Newton compares two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter to top Dolphins WR and CB

Oregon State v Colorado
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Cam Newton evoked the names of both Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill and cornerback Jalen Ramsey when discussing the future of two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter -- saying that if he can pull off playing both positions at a high level, he should be fitted for an NFL Hall of Fame gold jacket.

“We’ve never seen that happen, and will he play both ways in the NFL? It’s hard to cover a guy like Tyreek Hill and then turn around and get covered by a Jalen Ramsey," Newton said (h/t BuffsBeat).

Newton commanded Hunter to prepare for the spoils of the kind of victor he believes No. 12 can be in the pros should he continue his trajectory upward from Collins Hill to Jackson State to the University of Colorado.

“Go on and get measured," Newton prefaced before saying, "Get measured for your jacket. Go on and get measured for your gold jacket.”

Charles Woodson believes two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter best suited for WR

Six-time NFL All-Pro cornerback Charles Woodson believes Hunter's best fit is at WR over the position he became one of the all-time defenders.

"He truly plays both ways," Woodson explained to Will Compton and Taylor Lewan on Bussin' With The Boys (h/t AthlonSports). "Like a 130 plus plays a I tell people like I dibbled and dabbled on offense and I didn't play a whole lot of offense. It just seems like it.

"I think receiver, I think he's nasty at receiver. I mean he's a good corner don't get me wrong, but I see his offensive skills man...I think his offensive skills dominate over his defensive skills."

Woodson doesn't come off as someone afraid of Hunter taking his shine as much as he sounds like a legitimate fan of what the Suwanee, Georgia native can do on the offensive side of the ball. And he may be onto something.

Hunter's highlight reel of catches is spectacular, while there are more than a few games -- the Stanford and Wazzu games in particular stick out -- where he appeared overmatched at times. As talented as he is at CB, that is a more difficult position to play than WR in college and the NFL.

More so the latter, though. Far more so.