Six-time NFL All-Pro CB believes Colorado football star Travis Hunter best suited for WR

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Six-time NFL All-Pro Charles Woodson believes two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter is best suited for the wide receiver position, as opposed to cornerback, which was his primary position being recruited out of Collins Hill High School.

"He truly plays both ways," Woodson explained to Will Compton and Taylor Lewan on Bussin' With The Boys (h/t AthlonSports). "Like a 130 plus plays a I tell people like I dibbled and dabbled on offense and I didn't play a whole lot of offense. It just seems like it.

"I think receiver, I think he's nasty at receiver. I mean he's a good corner don't get me wrong, but I see his offensive skills man...I think his offensive skills dominate over his defensive skills."

Coach Prime believes the NFL will have a "problem" with Hunter regarding what position he'll play in the pros.

"NFL got a problem," Coach Prime said of Hunter (h/t Bleacher Report). "What you gonna draft him as? And... he's gotta play both ways. 'Cause he has value on both sides of the ball."

Two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter could demand more money in NFL

BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle believes whichever NFL team drafts Hunter will have the problem of having to pay him more for playing both sides of the ball.

"Coach Prime isn't wrong about his assessment," Tolle prefaced before saying, "Hunter will likely force the issue to play both sides of the ball. Not to say it will stay that way in the latter stages of his career, but his drive is built differently compared to previous two-way players. Also, he'll demand more money as a contributor for a majority of snaps."

Hunter, whether as a full-time receiver or full-time corner, or more likely, a menace on both sides of the ball, will be paid handsomely for his talents regardless as a likely top-three NFL draft pick in 2025.